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“In my experience the Claris Intraoral Cameras is probably the easiest digital intraoral camera to use. With its single hand operation and ability to control the focus with your thumb, it yields the most accurate and undistorted image. Patient education is key to treatment acceptance and the Claris Intraoral Camera helps me to diagnose and educate at the same time.”

– Dr. Howard S. Glazer, DDS

“I have been researching for about a year to figure out what digital system to buy for my office. Upon learning about the product as well as getting a chance to try them out, I knew that I wanted to buy the digital system, Clio. The software for the Clio and Claris are easy to use, the sensors are comfortable, and the camera quality is clear and sharp. But most important of all, the support team is EXCEPTIONAL and have the most AMAZING staff ever! I am definitely a happy client and would highly recommend them for your dental needs.”

– Christine Thai, DMD

“The Clio X-Ray Sensor images are on par if not better than Dexis Platinum sensors. They are more crisp, clear and can see more detail.”

– Dr. Craig Burrow, DDS