Clio Prime Digital X-Ray Sensor

The Elite Digital X-Ray Sensor

Clio Prime

Superior Diagnostics. Smooth Workflow.

EveryShot X-Ray Capture

Clio Prime delivers consistently exceptional diagnostic images. With EveryShot technology, you can use any handheld x-ray or wall mount unit. No matter the source, EveryShot effectively eliminates under- and overexposure, saving you from time-consuming retakes. EveryShot gives you the best of sensor technology—a fiber optic design for low visual noise, CMOS technology for ultra detailed images, and advanced dynamic range for optimal contrast across the radiation spectrum.

Superior image quality

Fewer retakes, happier patients

Consistent images with any x-ray source

Shoot with Any Source

Shoot with Any Source

ComfyCorner Design

Clio Prime’s design is made for effortless positioning throughout an FMX. Clipped corners and beveled edges are anatomically aligned to the oral cavity, making any x-ray orientation effortless. We didn’t stop there. Using the same spirit of innovation, we designed Clio Pedo, the perfect sized sensor for pediatric patients.

Clio Prime's Design

Sized to Perfection

Armor for Your Sensor

The Clio Prime dental sensor is tough. With an incredibly hard outer capsule and shock-absorbing bumpers, it stands up to the rigors of daily use, saving you from expensive replacements. Even the cable is customized so patients bite on the positioner, not the cable. We performed an insane amount of tests to prove longevity for every millimeter of the sensor, then we had them dentist verified.

Verified by a
Battery of Tests

  • Compression Resistant
  • Cable Strain Validated
  • Impact Tolerant
  • Extended X-Ray Lifecycle
  • Replaceable Cable
  • IP68 Dust and Water Resistant
  • Cleaning Chemical Resistant

Fully Integrated

Clio Prime plays nice with leading dental imaging software. That way, you can use your imaging software the way it was supposed to be used—without extra pop-ups or time-consuming steps. Integrates with Dexis, Eaglesoft, Patterson Imaging, Schick CDR, and more.

Fully Integrated

Complete the Suite with SOTA Image Software

SOTA Image dental imaging software is built for the modern dentist. Sync your digital imaging exams with your practice management patient chart or appointment book. Use our automated editing features for the ultimate doctor-to-patient communication experience.

SOTA Image

Support Guaranteed

Warranty & Replacement

For two years, SOTA will repair or exchange parts or equipment due to manufacturer defect, free of charge.

Free 60-days SotaCare

From date-of-purchase, you will receive free unlimited tech support via phone, internet or video conference, free software upgrades, loaner sensors during any repair, and free shipping, regardless of the number of sensors.