SOTA Success Stories

Visualizing Success with Dr. Han

Sota Success Stories

Walking into Dr. Tran Han’s office in Altadena, CA, you can tell that Dr. Han is very meticulous in her choices. From the remote-controlled curtain shades to her Nest digital climate-control thermometer, she has integrated technology into her office to allow for the most comfortable and efficient operatory environment. As a USC professor, she has always preached the importance of patient experience. This is demonstrated with the launch of her practice, Mint Dental Loft, in July 2014, where she has implemented much of her teaching philosophy into her office.

Deciding to go with a completely paperless office, Dr. Han turned to the SOTA Image Software as the best option with patient files literally at her fingertips. After researching many different systems, SOTA Image was the only software with user-friendly touchscreen capabilities. As she sits next to her patient showing the Clio digital x-ray images she has just taken on her Microsoft Surface tablet, she explains that this simple interaction truly gives the patient the feeling of participation.

“I get 20 to 30 referrals every month just from patients telling others about how I use the software.”

— Dr. Han on how SOTA products have helped her practice grow.

Dr. Han

“This is everything,” she explains as she shows the x-ray images and circles the location of the cavity in her patient’s molar. “I get a lot of referrals, about twenty to thirty a month, just from patients telling others about how I go over their exams through this software.” Using SOTA Imaging’s highly intuitive products, she is able to have a higher treatment acceptance rate while effortlessly navigating through the SOTA Image Software.

It allows Dr. Han to annotate on the image, “I literally draw on the image how much of the tooth I am going to cut out, that’s like an eye-opener.” She believes it is much easier to present and physically show patients what she sees as a dentist with the high-resolution Claris i4D intraoral camera versus just telling them. “When I show patients an occlusal view of a tooth that has pit staining, they already know ‘Oh, I have a cavity there.'”

“This is everything.”

Dr. Han truly is a technology-driven dentist. Armed with the SOTA Image Software, the Claris i4D Intraoral Camera and the Clio Digital X-ray Sensors, she mentions “X-rays are taken in a split second. My assistants are ready for me before I am even ready for them.” Once the patient exam is completed, Dr. Han goes over treatment plans with patients. Clio Digital X-ray sensors allow for both adult and pedo patients to get the same quality care that Dr. Han strives to offer.

She utilizes every aspect of SOTA Imaging’s products by taking superior images of every tooth for every patient. Patients are amazed by the technology. After using SOTA Products for over two years in her State of the Art practice, Dr. Han says “I don’t even know how I can do dentistry without it”.

SOTA Imaging

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