Made In California

State of the Art Since 1987

SOTA is an acronym for “State of the Art,” meaning the highest level of development at a present time. Founded in 1987 in Southern California, SOTA Imaging engineered and developed premium quality dental optic technologies for world-leading research facilities around the globe. We have partnered with the top organization of multiple industries such organizations are: NASA, Abbot Laboratories, Top Research Universities, and Leading R&D Labs are just a few of SOTA’s former clients. Today, SOTA has its own line of industry-leading dental imaging products built by leading experts and engineers.

Leading the Future of Dentistry

SOTA parts were used in some of the most recognized intraoral cameras, including the Gendex, Accucam, Ultracam, and Digital Doc. As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Vipersoft and Dentrix, SOTA built and shipped the Vipercam and Imagecam, two of the most widely used high-end intraoral cameras in history.

With the introduction of its own proprietary intraoral camera, the Claris i310D direct plug USB 2.0, SOTA set the standard for image quality and reliability at a fraction of the cost. For the first time ever, a simple USB 2.0 cable was all you needed to view “true-to-life” colored images. Prior to the Claris, intraoral cameras required large docking stations, and most did not have the capability to save images. With the Claris, for the first time, dentists were able to take images for patient education, documentation for patient files, and insurance claims.

SOTA was able to develop the first intraoral camera that could plug into nearly any imaging software. Many other companies would soon follow in introducing similar technologies. Today, we offer premium digital imaging products for modern dentists. Cutting edge products such as the USB Clio Digital X-ray System, SOTA Image Imaging Software, and Claris i4D intraoral camera let dental practices help provide accurate and educational patient exams.

We strongly believe our innovative dental imaging technologies, experience, and dedication to customer service allow us to provide unique products to our customers. To this day, we manufacture all our products in our facilities located in beautiful Orange, CA allowing us to provide amazing service and high-quality low-cost products. Now we believe that’s “state-of-the-art”.

SOTA Imaging History

1987 SOTA was established in Orange, California and specialized in optical fabrication.
1994 Built custom lens assemblies for NASA
1995 Optics assembly for New Image/Accucam (Now Gendex)
1996 Expanded our facility and built class 10,000 cleanroom for manufacturing and assemblies
Optics assembly for UltraCAM (American Dental Technology) and OEM for ViperCAM (Sullivan Schein)
2002 OEM for ImageCAM (Dentrix)
2003 Launch of intraoral camera Claris i310
2004 Dentistry Today Top 100 Product Award for Claris i310
2004 Launched Claris i310F
2004 Launched Claris i310 USB 2.0
2006 Four Star Rating from Reality Today
2006 Launched Claris i310D
2007 Received one of the highest ADA ratings at the CDA meeting
2011 Launched Clio Digital X-ray System, new Claris i4D, eBite, eBite Plus
2013 Clio Digital X-ray sensors announced as one of the slimmest, most comfortable sensors at the CDA 2013
2013 Cliosoft 2.0 is launched
2015 The Clio X-Ray Sensor is awarded Dental Product Shopper “Best Product” for 2015
2018 Launched Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera System
2020 Launched Clio Prime & Pedo Digital X-Ray Sensors
2021 Launched SOTA Cloud Imaging Software
Clio Prime X-Ray Sensors win Dental Products Report “Top 10 Technology Products of 2021”