Install Claris i5HD

Install Your Claris i5HD

Step 1 Make sure all contents are in your box

  • Intraoral camera case which includes: intraoral camera, camera cradle, and USB extension cable 
  • 50 pc Claris sheaths (barriers) 

Step 2 Install product

 We highly recommend you have secure internet connection before installation.  

    1. Make sure the computer to which you are connecting the intraoral camera has compatible imaging software installed.  
    2. Download Claris i5HD Button Utility 2.2
    3. Follow the instructions here.
    4. Carefully plug the USB end of the camera cable into the USB port of your computer.  
    5. Repeat on each workstation. 

Step 3 Register your product

Click here to register your product for Sotacare support and receive your first 60 days free (must sign up at time of installation). 


To check your model number, find the serial number on your Claris intraoral camera (located on the camera underside). The number will look like: Serial QB*****.

*NOTE: The Claris i5HD must be used in a Windows 7 or higher operating system.

Please reference your intraoral camera model to ensure you are downloading the correct drivers.

Download Claris i5HD Button Utility 2.2
Claris i5HD Install Guide