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Dental Imaging Solutions

SOTA Cloud

SOTA Cloud Imaging Software

Cloud-based dental imaging software that gives you the freedom to view and edit images in your browser, protects your data, and grows your practice with powerful dashboards.

Clio Prime Digital X-Ray Sensor

Clio Prime / Pedo Digital X-Ray Sensor

Produce exceptional diagnostic images by eliminating under- and overexposure and providing effortless positioning.

Clio Prime Digital X-Ray Sensor

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor

Get maximum image coverage with large active plates and patient comfort with rounded corners and beveled edges.

Clio Prime Digital X-Ray Sensor

Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera

Improve diagnostic accuracy, increase case acceptance, and strengthen your insurance claims.

Clio Prime Digital X-Ray Sensor

SOTA Image Software

Powerful dental imaging software that saves time and delivers perfect images every time.

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